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So that we may render the best possible service to you in the most efficient manner, your cooperation will assist us in living up to our PROFESSIONAL quality service.


  • Until carpets are completely dry, you must exercise extreme caution when stepping onto hard surface floors so that you do not slip and fall.

  • Do not remove plastic or foam pieces that have been placed under legs of furniture until carpet is completely dry.

  • Do not allow children or pets to crawl around on damp carpet for at least 4 to 5 hours, preferably 8 hours, and until carpet is completely dry.

  • Please follow instruction of technicians concerning humidity control.



It is our pledge to render careful, thorough and professional cleaning services. Our technicians are trained to use reasonable care to obtain satisfactory results. There are, however, some things that cleaning CAN NOT do.  FOR EXAMPLE: 


  • It cannot replace worn carpet pile. Carpeting, by nature, has certain permanent characteristics (fluffing, blooming, pile shading) that cannot be changed and may even be highlighted by cleaning.

  • It cannot replace color in fabric that has been damaged by animal or chemical stains. The nature of some spots makes it impossible to restore original color or texture. At times, a spot will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning. Spot treating rust, liquor, cosmetics, ink, coffee, lipstick stains and the like, is performed at the customer’s risk because REMOVAL OF SPOTS IS NOT GUARANTEED. (Includes furniture)

  • Cleaning and surface deodorizing does not remove the urine or liquid spills that have contaminated the backing, padding, and sub-surface. Restoration procedure may be required.

  • It cannot replace color or wear from COLOR FADING due to light, age, weak or deteriorated material. (Including furniture)

  • It cannot look beneath the carpet and see if tack strips have been installed properly or seams have been joined properly.

  • For these reasons, we regret that we are unable to extend our guarantee to these items.

  • Before we are due to arrive, please move all items of small furniture and breakables that you wish to be moved in the area to be cleaned.

  • Any usual accumulation of soil on the carpet should be vacuumed.

  • Remove children’s toys, papers, boxes, etc. from carpet area.

  • We love your children and pets; however, because our crews are working machinery, we ask that you keep both children and pets away from the immediate area of operation.

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